Harry's cinematography has been featured in installations at MOMA, the Guggenheim and the Hermitage in St. Petersburg--just to mention a few.

 Ocean Without a Shore


“If you are going to see only one work at the Venice Biennale, go and see [Ocean Without a Shore]…”

                              --  London Times


Produced for the 2007 Venice Bienalle, this visceral and moving piece premiered as a three-panel vertical installation inside the altars in the San Gallo Chapel. Through the course of the 30-minute piece, spirits silently emerge from the ghostly plane to the corporeal world, and then return to the place of the dead.


Created solely with in-camera and live effects, and carefully crafted lighting, the piece was shot with a camera rig designed by Harry, and built in James Cameron's shop.


© Bill Viola Studio


Earthly Paradise


“...reversed the symbol of the car as an industrial, automated machine and brought it into harmony with nature. He has transformed it into a magical art object through his poetic vision.”

                       --Sam Hunter, Art Critic


California-based artist Hiro Yamagata’s series of Mercedes-Benz 220 A Cabriolets have been shown around the world. Each car’s interior is meticulously restored to the original, and then hand-painted with lush designs.


This 9-minute film documents the process, and the stunning delivery of the cars in Venice, Italy. Produced and directed by Peter Kirby, Media Art Services.


© Hiro Yamagata



Tristan and Isolde


Tristan is a stunner in Paris

                        --New Yorker Magazine


Created for Peter Sellars’ Paris Opera performance of Wagner’s classic work, this 35mm film was projected onto a giant screen—the sole scenic element for the production.


The 3-1/2 hour expressionist film paralleled the opera’s story, featuring underwater performances by professionals from Cirque de Soliel.  All of the amazing effects incorporating fire, water, and flying through the air were created and shot live, without digital effects or enhancements.


Since its premiere the production has been re-mounted around the world including performances at Disney Hall with the LA Philharmonic, and at New York’s Lincoln Center.


© Bill Viola Studios


W Magazine


The 2014-2015 Art and Fashion Issue of W Magazine  featured Jake Gyllenhaal and Margot Robie, directed by Bill Viola and shot by Harry. The print issue included additional stills of Harry's work, and the  magazine’s website featured video clips of each of the stars--all shot underwater.


© Bill Viola Studios




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